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Terms & Conditions

Foreign currency purchase & sale

  • Currency once bought or sold can be returned only with a new transaction at the prevailing market rate.
  • Please count your money before leaving the counter and obtain a receipt for your transaction. Neither Send Exchange nor its employees will be held liable for any claims or shortages thereafter. Send Exchange has the right to recover any amount paid in excess to the customer due to errors and oversights.

Terms & Conditions for all transfers & services

  • Send Exchange reserves all the rights to execute transfers through Agents in any Country of its choice for the execution of this Transfer. All applicable charges/taxes by its correspondents/intermediary Agents will be deducted from the principal amounts of transfers.
  • The customer's signature on the receipt means his acknowledgment of the validity of the data and details of the transaction given by him . Send Exchange will not be responsible for any Mistake or omission caused in transmission or any incorrect information in the application and the remitter shall fully be liable for such consequences of late payment/non-payment. Stop payment, refund charges and amendment charges will rely on the remitter.. and our liability is limited for amendment at shortest possible time on notice.
  • Telegraphic Transfer (TT) will be considered as executed unless any claim contrary to this could receive from the remitter within 3 months from Cash collection and 6 months for Bank-to-Bank Transfer from the date of remittance.
  • In case, if the transfer in not executed for any reason, Send Exchange have 48 hours to find out the reason for delay.
  • Refund against cancellation of Transfers or returned unpaid transfers for whatever reason, refund will be only made at the prevailing currency market rate and after our receipt of an advice confirming non-payment instruction from our correspondent. The net amount only will be refunded after the necessary deductions.
  • This remittance will be subject to the laws of the UAE and Intermediary/Destines Countries and can be Blocked/Freeze in case found suspicious.
  • The Sender/beneficiary will be fully responsible to provide necessary evidence and clarification to prove genuity/legality of Entities/Funds involved and follow up the concerned authorities for effecting payment or refund in such case. Send Exchange will not bear any responsibility in the respect.
  • The Customer undertakes to abide by all the Rules & Regulations governing Funds Transfer. Payment of transferred funds is subjected to the rules of the country where the payment is to be made. Send Exchange and/or its Correspondents or Agents shall not be liable for any loss or delay caused on account of any act or order of a Government/Government agency or of Force Majeure.
  • Customer confirms Remittances do not involve Money Laundering or Terrorism Financing and shall indemnify and keep Send Exchange indemnified for any claim and damage related to the Customer's breach of this confirmation.
  • The Customer hereby grants Send Exchange the right to disclose any information provided by the Customer to third parties for the purpose of; d. Undertake the transaction through correspondent/Agents Systems. e. Compliance with all applicable laws; and
  • I/we herein consent to receive SMS messages from Send Exchange and/or Send Exchange designated service provider for promotional and/or transactional purposes.
  • For further inquiries and details on terms and conditions of all Send products and services, please visit our website (www.sendexchange.com) or call: +97126277272 email us at info@sendexchange.com
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