Send Exchange Est. is one of the fastest growing and developing exchange companies in the UAE exchange market as the network of correspondents has been developed inside and outside United Arab Emirates.

About Us

Send Exchange came into existence with a vision to serve and assist expats and their families across the globe. Send Exchange is committed to serving different nationalities everywhere in the world through its modern and efficient technology and remittance facilities Send Exchange ensures quick and easy delivery of remittances to beneficiaries by increasing its network, offices, and partners in different part of the globe. Our endeavor is to provide quick and easy remittance service that is reliable and accessible to both, the Diasporas and their families back home. Equipped with state of the art technology and with experienced, qualified staff Send Exchange offers a secure and trusted means of transferring money effectively and efficiently.

Secure, easy and instant remittance services for individuals and businesses. Competitive rates for foreign exchange and money remittance. A large network of agents across the world. Stringent AML/CFT policies to prevent risk and fraud. Dedicated and professional customer service teams


Despite the short period in which the exchange Est. was established on 2008, the same has occupied a leading position among money exchange companies inside United Arab Emirates.

Two exchange branches have been established during this period. Moreover, The Company is interested in the development of the activity of sale and purchase of foreign currencies.


The company has a highly qualified staff from all over the world, distinguished by discipline, professionalism and credibility, in order to provide quality and best service to our valued customers at any time.

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