Consumer's Rights & Responsibilities

Every Customer of Send Exchange has the following consumer rights as per Consumer Protection Regulations and Standards (CPR) issued by the Central Bank of the UAE (CBUAE).

Consumer's Rights & Responsibilities

Customer Rights

  • 1. Right to be Treated Equally: You have the right to be treated fairly and equally at all stages of providing of our services. We have special care to older people and those with special needs.
  • 2. Right to Know: You have the right to know the information about services. Our employees would be happy to assist you for any enquiries.
  • 3. Right to Privacy: Send Exchange ensure Confidentiality of information that might being collects or discloses with regards to our services.
  • 4. Right to complaint: The customer has a right to complaint for errors, lapses in conduct, as well as non-performance or delays in performance of services.

Customer Responsibilities

  • 1. You must provide accurate and correct personal and financial information to us. Failure to provide complete and accurate details may result in our services being refused.
  • 2. You should read and understand all Terms and Conditions of our services provided in our receipts.
  • 3. Review all of your documents before you sign them to ensure no errors are made in your transaction information. Your signature is an approval and agreement of the document content.
  • 4. You should collect your receipt for your all transactions and make sure its stamped and signed. And keep it for any possible review in future.

Complaint Procedure

  • 1. If you ensure that you have a reasonable complaint, you can use the following channels to raise your complaint, and we obliged to act upon it –
    a. 1/ Visit your nearest Branch
    b. 2/Contact our Call Centre Customer Care Helpline No +97126277272
    c. 3/ Email us at
    d. 4/ Send your Feedback on our website
  • 2. Your complaints will be registered and you will receive SMS notifications
  • 3. You will be informed upon solving your complain.
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